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All of the services provided is a general layout of what we have to offer. For in depth questions on continuing services, Give us a call @ 270-670-9656

Exterior Painting

Exterior Home Painting

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Fences
  • Barns
  • Concrete Drive Ways
  • Brick Homes
  • Log Cabins
  • Play Sets
  • Outdoor Furniture​
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Gazebos

What Can I Expect? 

When companies or home owners hire us, you can expect the best performance, respect, and care. If you can paint it, We do it!

​Business Suite Painting's main focus is professionalism, value and quality service both to our clients and our staff. We believe that good relations and communication within our company brings well managed, high quality projects to our clients. To that end, we employ only the best in their fields and encourage open employee/management communication allowing for a well-managed project from beginning to completion. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clientele and because of this, we enjoy repeat business with each of our clients.

We provide a wealth of services to make your home shine! Please contact us at 270-670-9656 for a quote on whatever services you desire.

Our prep work begins with pressure washing depending on the surface. Loose paint chips are cleaned up and your house is given time to dry. All bare areas are primed and glossy areas are ruff sanded.  Areas around doors and windows are caulked. Finally we cover the whole area in a premium prime guaranteeing you a longer lasting finish for your paint.



Exterior Painting

After the preparation is complete, we start applying the finish coats whether is paint, stain or any suitable coating for the surface by spray, roll and brush, leaving a uniform coated surface with the appropriate sheen indicated in the contract. Once done, it will be as though we were never there.

Business Suite Painting